Remote auditing has long been a challenging topic for many accounting firms, but part of our firm’s culture is to embrace technology and SingerLewak is prepared to conduct virtual/remote audits during disruptive events like the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Assurance and Advisory practice at SingerLewak uses technology in a way that provides exceptional client service while meeting the highest standards in the accounting profession, as we understand that communication remains vital to high-quality services.
  • Using secure video conferencing platforms to deliver that personal touch when having meetings with management and board of directors.
  • Using virtual (soft) phones so that clients call a single number and it will always be routed directly to our professionals anywhere in the world.
  • Using a suite of secure platforms to share information with clients in a way that meets their communication preference (such as, web portals and encrypted emails).
  • Using RIVIO Clearinghouse so clients can securely share financial statements and other management reports with board members as well as lenders and investors.
Here’s an example:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, a challenge for most auditors is how to observe a client’s inventory physical count. SingerLewak uses video equipment to safely tour a client’s warehouse and observe the inventory counts, enabling everyone to complete the counts in a safe way that meets audit standards.
These are some examples of how SingerLewak remains committed to serving our clients in new and innovative ways.
To stay informed about pertinent information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our Business Resources and Updates page.
Jeremy Dillard is the technical standards partner at SingerLewak LLP and a member of the Private Company Council, which advises on Financial Accounting Standards Board on changes to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).