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Cybersecurity requires strategic thinking, leadership alignment, governance and continuous improvement. You may be saturated with reminders of the damages from Cyber breach events – but please don’t let that trigger complacency. It’s important put your best, vigilant effort forward to keep your digital assets safeguarded in an intelligent, effective manner.

Cybersecurity Team at SL Business Informatics

We will work with you to take the important steps along the Cybersecurity “Maturity” journey – moving you towards a Cybersecurity Program that you deploy to help ensure you’re managing these unique risks prudently.

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Cybersecurity: Global Trends, Good Practices, and Potential Threats with Bob Green and Clar Rosso Trends in the global cybersecurity landscape How ISC2’s certification and education mission is improving our collective capabilities to combat cybercrime What's next in cyber defense? Share some good news - and what risks we should be worrying about

Cybersecurity: A Pragmatic Approach for the C-Suite and Business Owner
Join Bob Green, Lead Partner of SL Business Informatics, and Cybersecurity lead advisor, Eric Rockwell, as they examine the executive's role and responsibilities in guiding their organizations along the Cybersecurity Maturity continuum. This podcast is not intended to scare you about Cybersecurity, but rather to provide practical insights into why a Cybersecurity Program is necessary and how to initiate one correctly. This discussion follows the theme of a previous Balancing Act podcast in which Bob spoke with Clar Rosso, CEO of ISC2, the world's leading provider of professional Cybersecurity education and certifications. Are you a business leader looking to shield your company from cyber attacks? Contact us today at to schedule an assessment consultation with one of our experts.