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SingerLewak understands that each Nonprofit business is unique. The key to our success is that we take the time up front to learn about your organization only then can we design a service delivery approach that answers your specific needs and goals.

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Nonprofit Organizations

The key to our success with tax exempt organizations is that we take the time to learn about...

SingerLewak Nonprofit Services

By providing quality and cost-effective services in a timely manner, we help Nonprofit organizations achieve their goals of accountability. With 5 Partners, 3 Directors and over 80 staff trained to serve Nonprofits, we are able to provide audits with the proper level of experienced personnel to accommodate all deadlines.

Nonprofits are accountable to many stakeholders:

  • Founders and Donors
  • Government
  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Board
  • Community

Meeting Stakeholder Expectations

We offer a comprehensive array of specialized services such as

  • Audits, HUD audits and Uniform Guidance
  • Student financial aid audits
  • California Department of Education childcare audits
  • Forms 990, 990-PF, 990T and 5500 preparation
  • Information on current tax and accounting regulatory news
  • Staff training through SingerLewak’s Training Division
  • Cost allocations
  • Cash flow planning
  • IT Consultation
  • Board training and retreats
  • Budget preparation
  • Planned giving, capital campaigns and bond financing

The Skills You Need

SingerLewak has successfully served

  • Over 300 Nonprofits as their independent accountants
  • All sectors of the Nonprofit community, with particular expertise in:
  • Social Service Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Arts Organizations, including Museums
  • Religious Organizations
  • Foundations
  • Associations
  • Healthcare and Clinics
  • NGOs

Tax Services

SingerLewak provides tax services to the vast majority of our nonprofit audit clients and tax services to many nonprofit non-audit clients. We have 5 tax partners, 3 directors and 80 experienced staff in our tax department specifically trained to handle issues unique to nonprofit clients. We prepare close to 300 exempt organization informational/excise tax returns. The federal Form 990 was completely redesigned in 2008. With these changes, this informational return was transformed into a tool that functions not only as a self-auditing tool for the Internal Revenue Service and other regulatory agencies, but it also serves as a public relations vehicle to inform the public about an organization’s activities.  Accordingly, it is critical that the Form 990 be prepared by tax professionals who are highly experienced and have the deep technical understanding of the Form 990 and all of the related nonprofit tax issues.

Our team of tax specialists has vast experience in providing tax services to some of the premiere charitable organizations in the Southern California area. Our experience includes assisting our clients with analyzing and reporting activities that have the potential for being highly scrutinized, including, but not limited to:

  • Unrelated business income tax matters
  • Governance
  • Officer compensation
  • Sponsorships
  • Taxable and nontaxable fringe benefits

Some of our unique differences from other accounting firms specializing in nonprofit services are:

  • Tax Partner/Director Accessibility – Your inquiries will be responded to promptly and personally.
  • Early involvement with management in identifying issues and working together to find resolutions – This involves proactive planning meetings with you on a quarterly basis to discuss annual qualifying distribution requirements and estimated tax payments.
  • Partnership with our clients to provide education on relevant public charity/private foundation tax matters and developments
  • Early preparation of returns – The goal is for them to be completed either at the same time or within three weeks of issuing the audit
  • Timely resolution of technical, fee and scheduling issues, resulting in no surprises

Our Audit Quality System (AQS) provides for

  • A truly risk-based approach, not a check-the-box audit
  • Subject matter experts readily available to you
  • Communication with audit committees or boards of directors that result in no surprises
  • Consistency in engagement staffing and job management

The Service You Expect

Dependable and timely communication includes

  • Communication with client personnel, attorneys and financiers
  • The demonstrated ability to meet short time frames
  • A dedicated approach that allows of extensive involvement by partner-level and manager-level personnel with our clients

By providing quality, timely and cost-effective audit, tax and other services, we help the nonprofit

  • Achieve a primary goal of accountability
  • Always remain in accordance with standards
  • Regularly hold fund raising events for which our staff volunteers
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