Employee Benefits Plans

Our Employee Benefit Plans group of professionals help clients navigate employee benefit plan technical and compliance needs. Whether it is a 401(k) Plan, defined benefit plan, ESOP plan, 403(b) plan, health & welfare plan or multiple employer plan, we have partners that have serviced these clients for more than 20 years. Our expertise includes small plans from $100,000 in plan assets to plans with over $3,000,000 in plan assets.

Business Sectors Includes:

Credit Unions

SingerLewak is a premier service provider to the credit union industry.  Our experienced team...

Employee Benefit Plans

Our Employee Benefit Plans group of professionals help clients navigate employee benefit plan...


We know the importance of relationships in serving high net worth individuals and meeting their...

Nonprofit Organizations

The key to our success with tax exempt organizations is that we take the time to learn about...

We understand what it takes to successfully manage your plan.

Our extensive expertise includes the following:

1st year audits

We understand first year audits and assist clients and potential clients prepare for their first audit. This involves working through current payroll, HR and 401k administration process to ensure the level of internal controls is sufficient. We also help review plan documents and compare the documents to ensure the plan is being properly administered. We offer a number of recommendations to improve these areas before the first audit takes place.

Compliance issues

In working with all types of clients and plans, we help clients overcome all kinds of compliance issues. Whether it is delinquent Form 5500 filings, late participant contributions, issues with the definition of compensation, eligible compensation, loan terms and repayments and other prohibited transactions. We understand the IRS Voluntary Correction Program and the DOL’s Voluntary Fiduciary Correction Program and can help you through these programs.

Terminating Plans

We help several clients a year work through their final plan year, whether through plan termination or merging the plan into another plan.
Changes in Service Providers – Every year we have clients that change service providers, whether it is switching payroll providers, custodians, plan investment advisors, we know the top challenges you will face. We work with a significant amount of services providers, both big and small, and can also help in the RFP process if you are looking to make a change.

Form 5500s

We have a team of experts that can assist in preparing Form 5500. With our extensive knowledge, we can help prepare and review Form 5500 to ensure it is correct. We also understand the filing process and can make sure it is filed accurately.
Members of the AICPA Audit Quality Center – The AICPA has an Audit Quality Center specifically for firms that audit employee benefit plans. To be a member of the Center, firms are required to meet certain training requirements, internal inspection, peer review, and other requirements, all of which we meet. In addition, out of approximately 2,600 EBPAQC member firms, less than 100 Firms audit more than 100 employee benefit plans. We audit over 100 employee benefit plans on an annual basis.

We understand the importance of working cost effectively but efficiently. We pride ourselves on having the expertise you are seeking, without being the most expensive solution. Our practice is led by an experienced and EBP team.

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