SL Cares

At SingerLewak we don’t give because it’s cool, we give because it is our responsibility.

We are committed to caring

SL Cares

 At SingerLewak we’ve always had a strong belief and commitment to giving back.  Whether it’s through time or money, we are of the opinion that anything we can provide, big or small, can make a meaningful impact to those in need.  This is why we’ve built a culture of giving and volunteerism, encouraging our team members to engage in their local communities and their charitable causes.

Our SL Cares initiative comprises two programs – the SingerLewak Foundation, administered by the partner group, which donates annually to a variety of charities and our volunteer participation program:– SingerLewak Volunteer.

Through SingerLewak Volunteer, the firm provides unlimited paid time off to team members who want to donate their time to 501c(3) nonprofit organizations. This program therefore enables the firm to impact many different organizations and allows individuals to donate their time to causes that matter to them most.

Over the course of our 60+ year history, we have contributed to various humanitarian efforts and disaster relief funds, in addition to causes that support medicine and health, children’s education and care, poverty and hunger, and animal rescue, to name but a few. We are proud of our accomplishments and remain committed to these causes that impact our communities and well being.