SLBiggs, a Division of SingerLewak

Trust and Probate Accounting

SLBiggs understands its fiduciary duties demand the highest level of expertise, loyalty, commitment, and care for our clients. We are dedicated to acting solely in their best interests.

SLBiggs Includes:

SLBiggs’ Trust and Probate Accounting Services

SLBiggs, a Division of SingerLewak, is staffed with trust accounting experts skilled in probate accounting for complex trusts with assets that include operating businesses, multi-family rental and commercial properties, managed investment accounts, and other sophisticated investments ranging from a few million to hundreds of millions of dollars in value.

Our in-depth securities and investment knowledge enables us to handle accounting for the most complex portfolios, such as those involving arbitrage and hedging transactions, publicly traded LLC interests, and other non-conventional investments.


  • Trust and Estate Accounting under Probate Guidelines
  • Forensic Accounting and Asset Reconstruction for Trusts and Probate Estates
  • Litigation Support for Asset Recovery and Contested Trust and Estate Matters
  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation for Trusts and Estates
  • Trustee and Fiduciary Services for Trusts, Estates, and Court Appointed Protective Services

Fiduciary Services

SLBiggs also provides fiduciary services for trusts, estates, and court-designated entities such as conservatorships. These services include probate accounting, tax planning and preparation, investment management, and administrative services. Additionally, we have been appointed by the court to act as Trustee, Conservator, Guardian, and to serve in other fiduciary capacities.



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