IT Assurance and Advisory

IT Controls, IT Policies and Procedures, and IT Governance: You can’t dismiss these vital matters as “low priority” anymore. 

SL Business Informatics Practice Areas Include:

Service offerings

Whether we’re providing you with guidance for an upcoming SOC or IT audit, or if we are retained as your SOC Audit firm, our IT Assurance professionals act as advisors who consult, counsel, create and collaborate with you ensuring you meet your objectives.

Internal IT Audit Advisory

If your internal audit team needs extra capabilities around designing an IT controls framework, deploying these controls or accompanying the internal audit team on digital transformation projects to confirm that IT controls are adequately managed and achieved – we’re a great fit.

IT Audit support for other CPA Firms

If your firm doesn’t staff the IT Audit skills necessary to complete a financial statement audit, we can fill that role for you. We’ve worked with a number of CPA firms to help design, execute, and coach their teams in the process of testing IT Controls in conjunction with financial statement examinations. We’re also experienced peer reviewers in the IT audit and SOC area.

Service Organization Controls for Service Organizations

SOC for Service Organizations reports are designed to help service organizations that provide services to other entities, build trust and confidence in the service performed and controls related to the services through a report by an independent CPA. Each type of SOC for Service Organizations report is designed to help service organizations meet specific user needs. (Read more about SOC at

SOC Readiness Processes

  • Planning – We provide hands-on, experienced guidance in getting started in the SOC process, including readying policies, procedures and internal controls to be prepared for a SOC audit experience. 
  • Education – We explain what you need to know bout the SOC process, and help management determine the proper “fit” of SOC frameworks to the specific client needs – so as to not over-audit.
  • Gap analysis – We determine controls that should exist in a given system environment – as well as those that are not in existence, but should be, in order to comply with SOC guidelines.
  • Design and Documentation of relevant IT Controls – Our experienced IT controls professionals work with management to design and document relevant IT controls in advance of a SOC audit.
  • SOC Auditor – We are experienced SOC auditors as well as SOC peer review specialists. Our clients have varying degrees of complexity around their systems and controls, and we’ve done SOC1 and SOC2 auditing since its inception. 

Interested in talking, real-time? Arrange a meeting with our IT Assurance consultants by emailing us at [email protected].


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