Development & Training

We value a lifetime of learning and enthusiasm as it promotes excellence among our professionals, on behalf of our clients and for our colleagues. SingerLewak formally initiated its Professional Development & Training Department (PDT) in 2002 to add value to our associates’ careers.

Thought Leadership

Opportunities for Professional Development

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a recent college graduate, as an employee of SingerLewak, our training opportunities will enhance your growth personally and professionally. Our three-faceted approach consists of Technical Training seminars, Computer Courses and a Professional Growth series.

Technical Training

It is critical in our industry to stay current with the ever-changing tax laws and accounting regulations. Our technical training courses keep our professionals at that level of awareness. Whether our associates work with public companies, litigation support, nonprofit organizations or small business services, our technical training courses keep everyone up-to-date within their field of specialization.

Computer Courses

To maximize professional proficiency, we offer computer software seminars on all commonly used applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others to improve efficiency and productivity.

Professional Growth

All this knowledge is irrelevant without the understanding of how to communicate effectively with both associates and clients. We offer a unique program in effective client service methods, including written and oral communication skills. These courses will help you develop as a professional and deliver the high quality of service that reflects SingerLewak’s reputation as an industry leader.