IT Effectiveness

IT Effectiveness
SingerLewak’s Business Risk and Technology group includes professionals with hands-on experience enabling growing businesses to achieve I.T. Effectiveness. I.T. is only effective when effectively planned, managed and implemented with an eye towards sustainability and business growth initiatives.

Acting as a company’s outsourced I.T. leadership and resource, we partner with our clients to provide I.T. Effectiveness leadership and tactical services that include:

  • Assessments of IT Strategy, Risk, and Value – we assess security, network, controls, cloud utilization, software portfolio, IT staffing model, IT Governance, other areas
  • IT Strategic Planning – we help develop and manage the strategic IT Plan for the business
  • Outsource CIO – we provide outsourced I.T. visionary “seat at the executive table” capabilities, including oversight of IT staff

Our professionals bring many years of I.T. execution and leadership, as well as subject matter specialization in most areas of I.T.

In our Business Risk and Technology practice we are in-line with SingerLewak’s rich heritage of developing long term relationships with its clients.

This is in our DNA. SingerLewak’s Business Risk and Technology  advisors are best when relied upon as the visionary I.T. leader, the IT audit specialist, the ERP upgrade subject matter expert – as well as the IT project point-person – all through a company’s business cycles.

Target Client Profile

  • Investor-backed businesses seeking scalable, mature IT effectiveness
  • Rapidly-growing mid-market enterprises – typically without a strong CIO/CTO
  • SEC registrants seeking outside strategic IT advisory for C-level executives

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